I am trying to access a Digital Resource Commons (DRC) item. How do I login?
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DRC items require you to login using your name and Banner ID number.

Select "Login to: Off-Campus Access". Next, select Xavier University from the Institution drop down box:Login to: off-campus accessInstitution selection form

Enter your full name and University (Banner) ID number:

Ohiolink authentication form

How to locate your Banner ID number:

1. Your ALL Card has your banner ID number listed below your name.

2. You can call or email/chat/text the Library for this information.

3. Find this information on your Self Service Portal:

self service

Once you are logged in, select 'Academic Academic Records/Registrar Information.

academic records/registrar information

Select View Student/Advisor information. Your Banner ID Number will be listed in the upper right hand corner before your name.

View student/advisor information